I have looked extensively on the internet for Confederate and Union Civil War Rosters for the state of Kentucky. I have had very little success in locating Rosters that deal with the Confederacy. Union Rosters are abundant. While there are some CSA Rosters online I have found very few that deal with eastern KY and none for the 10th Kentucky. I decided to put up records we had that deal with Eastern Kentucky and Southwest Virginia Confederate troops. Also included in this site is the Roster of the 10th KY CSA from the book THE 10TH KENTUCKY CAVALRY, C.S.A. - THE YANKEE CHASERS, by John B. Wells III and Jim Prichard, Gateway Press, 1996. This information is copyrighted material by its authors.

I would also encourage you to read about George W. Johnson. He was not from eastern KY or southwest VA but he was a true hero. There are valuable lessons we could all learn from him on honor, loyalty and sacrifices we are at times asked to make to remain true to ourselves and the beliefs we profess.

The True Face of Sue Mundy

George W. Johnson

Known But To God

Roster of The 10th KY, CSA

Roster of The 5th KY Infantry, CSA

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