Honoring the Unknown
Guy and Florence Potter
Abraham Potter Dedication
Richard and Mary Potter
Richard Potter Rifle
Confederate Grave Ceremony
Chester Potter and German gun
Modern Day Elkhorn City
Mom, Opal, Erma and Luther
Henry Belcher Family
Margaret "Peggy" Blevins
Role Belcher Family
Bart Belcher
Bart Belcher and Dan Dana
Rebecca Short c.1890
Tamry's George
Benjamin F. Potter
Spanish American War
Crissie and Doshia Potter
Geneva Potter
Jim Potter and Tommy Stewart
Rusty Fork Cafe
Bill Stewart Civil War Photo
Richard Potter Reunion
Corey & Joey 1996
Potter, Mullins and Moore
Tina (Mullins) Potter
Erma (Potter) Ramey
Unidentified Potters
Hobart Lee, Bart and Woodrow
Teddy, Otto and Turner Ramey
Rebecca Evelyn (Short) Potter
Post Office at Praise, KY.
Tandy Stewart
Landon & Theodore Potter
McHenry Potter
Bridge at Pool Point
A time of sorrow
Basil Potter family
Woodrow Potter
Visiting the 'Flats
Mimi's Cabin
Brian Potter
Tivis Hay
Romaine Potter Davidson
Sylvia Davidson Hager
Polly & Wilson Davidson
Sylvia (Davidson) Hager

Welcome to the Potter Flats Family Photo Album.

On Saturday, September 27, 2003 a ceremony was held at the gravesite of the Unknown Confederate solider to honor both him and our ancestors from the Potter flats who were his mourners and have been his caretakers for the past 138 years. I have added some photos of the ceremony.

Our Potter Flats Album contains a wealth of family photos from the past and present. To view a photo just click on its name in the left column. We hope you enjoy your time here and find something to assist in your family research.

Photos are a bridge to the past for genealogy researchers. They literally bring our work to life. The people we research are more than just data and facts that are gleaned and filed away in a folder. They once lived and are the reason we exist today. It is our belief that when family photos are shared with as many family members as possible the chances of loss through unavoidable circumstances are elemiated. This lesson was learned by us at an early age when many unreplaceable family pictures were lost when our grandmothers cabin was destroyed by fire. As is the case in many families there is the keeper of family history -- our grandmother was our family history keeper.

We urge you to share your photos with others and bring the past to life for someone else!

As you visit our genealogy pages you will also find photos on many of the pages. When we have located a photo of a family member listed in our various genealogy pages we have included it on their respective page to enhance the page and make it more than just a fact page. It is our hope that when you leave our pages it is with a deeper understanding of those you find included here. They lived, loved and when they died it left a void in someone life.

I welcome and invite you to submit family photos for inclusion to this site. Please send me an email and I will be happy to advise you on how to submit your photos to aid others in their research.

Thank you and please visit us again.

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