Discussions are continuing on development of the Potter Flats. If you are a resident of Kentucky please sign the Petition Form or send an email to your State Legislator about your feelings on the proposed development of the Potter Flats (*use your browsers back button to return to this page). If you do not live in Kentucky but would like to voice your opinion on development of the Potter Flats please sign the Petition Form.

While we prefer that this area remain with no development, the proposed development brought forth by the Elkhorn City Area Heritage Council, Inc. is the most suitable. We do not feel that a golf course, go cart track or water park shows any respect for those family members that lived and died in the Potter Flats. Your input is most appreciated!

A plan has been approved to place a bridge from the area of the High Narrows into the Potter Flats. This causes much concern as we feel this could not only destory the natural beauty but could be a very dangerous addition to the area. The road in its present state is not wide enough to support a bridge - - why do you think they call it the "High Narrows"?

The beauty and ecology of the Potter Flats MUST remain intact. Many of the families that were living in the 'Flats at the time the Park acquired the Potter Flats did not want to leave and were in fact forced from the land they loved.

While we are extremely pleased that the Parks Commission has reconsidered it's plan to turn the area of the Potter Flats into a golf course. To those of us who love the natural beauty and find solace in our memories of happy times spent there, this is indeed joyous news. Even as we celebrate this we must continue to be watchful and digilent of any threat to this pristine area .

The Parks Commission has endorsed a plan in principle for a Coal mining/heritage village type setting in the Potter Flats that is more in tune with the rich history of the area. While many of the families that lived there had ties to coal mining the Potter Flats proper was strictly a farming comunity. The families that lived there had a deep love for the hills they lived in. While we do applaude The Parks Commission for their forsight and their understanding of family concerns about the development of the Kentucky side of the park we do not think a coal mining type of development is appropriate as this was a farming community.

The proposed development as put forth by the Elkhorn City Area Heritage Council has the possibility to provide a much needed boom to tourism in the area and also employment to area residents. This plan repressents a more accurate account of life in the 'Flats.

We must insist however, any development plans for this area show respect for those residents that lived and died in the Potter Flats. The natural beauty of the area must be preserved and we oppose any development plans that have the possibility of destroying this beautiful place. Our dedication lies in protecting / preserving the rich history and natural beauty of the Potter Flats.

Your input is still needed; if you would like to endorse the proposed Pioneer village or wish to voice your thoughts for or against development proposals please contact the Breaks Interstate Park and Tim Belcher. Your input is MOST appreciated. You may sign the online Petition Form to voice your concerns on the development of this beautiful area.

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