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Here In Hallowed Glory Lies A Son Of The South Known But to God. This is the orginal inscription that marked his grave.

For more than 138 years his grave has been cared for. Recanted family stories told and his memory preserved. This doesn't seem out of place given the southern heritage we share but the fact that this is done not by family but by descendants of those that buried him is a tribute to him and our ancestors.

I am sure his family watched and wondered for years what happened to him. I can envision his mother or perhaps a wife as she searched the horizion, praying that today would be the day he arrived home from the war. This day never came; his loved ones grew old, passed on and I wonder if someone now wonders what happened to him and were his final resting place is.

In a tribute to him and those families from the Potter Flats that were his mourners and caretakers a dedication service was held on Saturday, September 27, 2003.

For those of you unable to attend you were missed, to those who attended many thanks for taking the time to remember "A Soldier Known But To God".

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