Levi Belcher & Margaret Blevins
J. E. Belcher & Caroline Potter
Drury Bartley & Sindusky Potter
Butler Potter & Victoria Stiltner
Enoch Potter & Pollyan Adkins
James Raimey & Susan Potter
John J. Stiltner & Laura Potter
Noah F. Potter & Margaret Raider
W. O. B. Potter & Roccena Rife
James Potter & Rebecca Short
John D. Potter & Finetta Branham
Geo W. Potter & Ura McPeek
Wm. B. Hall & Delia Potter
W. M. Blankenship & Cassie Potter
Cleveland Belcher & Carline Potter
Sparrell Potter & Virgie Lee Hay
Hobart Lee & Dorothy Potter
Dennie Vanover & Sylvania Potter
George W. Potter & Excer Sowards
Speed Potter & Draxie Burchett
George W Potter & Ida May Colley
Joel Potter & Lila J. Gipson
John Potter & Katy Moore
Bart B. Belcher & Sarah J. Potter
R. E. Belcher & Martha Potter

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Welcome to the Potter Flats marriage records from Buchanan, Dickenson and Wise counties in Virginia. The section is currently under construction. I will be adding many more in the next several days. To view a marriage record just click on the name in the left column. These records conatin the orginial spelling and in some cases I was not able to make out a name or a word. We hope you enjoy your time here and find something to assist in your family research.

If you have a marriage record and would like to share it with other family researchers please email me and I will be happy to tell you how to submit it for inclusion on the Potter Flats homepage.

This site is dedicated to our family and your assistance is most appreciated!

As you visit our genealogy pages we hope you see that this site is more than just a fact page. It is our hope that when you leave our pages it is with a deeper understanding of those you find included here. They lived, loved and when they died it left a void in someone life.

I welcome and invite you to submit family photos for inclusion to this site. Please send me an email and I will be happy to advise you on how to submit your information to aid others in their research.

Thank you and please visit us again.

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