Those living in the Victorian period loved symbolism.  Examples of their love of symbolism can readily be found in cemetary's and also frequently found in Victorian Carte De Vista's.

Since we mentioned cemeteries here is a brief look at Victorian gravestones and the use of hands to convey something of the departed loved one to those who did not know them personally.  Clasped hands are symbolic of farewell or last good-bye. If you look at the cuff you can distinguish if it is a man's or woman's hand; a woman would usually have a frilly cuff. Whomever has died first holds the other's hand and will guiding the remaining spouse to heaven.  A hand pointed downward means mortality or sudden death. A upward hand symbolizes the Heavenly reward of the righteous and confirmation of life after death.  Hands praying denotes devotion.  

Here are some examples of ladies using hand signals to convey their message of loyalty to the Lost Cause.

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