Tobitha Potter was born in 1858.

Tobitha Potter was married to George Bartley at John Potter's residence. He was 23 and she was 18.

Tobitha Potter and George Bartley had the following child:

childEllie Bartley.

Tobitha Potter was married to William ? Robert Owens on 9 Jan 1877 in Pike County, Kentucky. William ? Robert Owens was born in 1854 in Davis County, NC. Tobitha Potter and William ? Robert Owens had the following children:

childMary Owens.

childEllie Owens.

child Patton Owens.

child Martha Owens.

child Vesta Owens.

child John Henry Owens.

child Noah Owens.

child Joel Owens.

child William Owens.

child Ferbie Owens.

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