William "Grancer" Short was born in 1766 in N.C. He died on 4 Jul 1851 in Pound Gap, VA. Was called "Old William of Pound". He was one of the first settlers of The Pound. It is believed that he had 25 to 30 children by his two wives.

William "Grancer" Short married first Elizabeth Bolling(daughter of Benjamin Bolling and Martha "Patsy" Phelps / Felps ) was born in 1767 in N.C. Martha may have died in childbirth when Elizabeth was born; Martha "Patsy" Phelps d. 3 Mar 1767-- Elizabeth b. 1767. William "Grancer" Short and Elizabeth Bolling had the following children:

child Benjamin

child Adam "Ad" Short was born in 1795 in TN. Settled at the mouth of Bearhole in Wyoming Co. WV; this info is in Wyoming Co., WV History.

child Charles Anderson

child Rebecca

child Virginia Jane "Jennie"

child Joseph

child William Granville "Buck"

child Elizabeth

child Nathaniel Short was born in 1809.

child Aaron Short.

After the death of Elizabeth Bolling Short at Pound, Va. William "Grancer" Short married Polly Birchfield (daughter of Unknown Birchfield and Unknown Unknown ). Polly Birchfiled was born in 1785 in Bancombe Co., NC. William "Grancer" Short and Polly Birchfield had the following children:

child Daniel Henry

child Providance

child James Tipton "Beardy Jim"

child ALexander

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