Abraham Potter was born about 1745 in Rowan Co., NC according to his Revolutionary War pension papers. He died after 1837 in Pike Co., KY. His exact relationship to our Potter family remains unknown but, it is believed by many Potter family researchers that Abraham Potter is the patriarch of the families included here. Our search for Abraham's parents continue. Also mentioned in his pension papers is that he had lived in Surry Co., NC as well as KY. We have not been able to locate any reference to him in Surry Co., NC census records. We do know that Abraham Potter first shows up in Kentucky in the 1820 Floyd (now Pike) County census records. If you have any information on Abraham or his parents please share this knowledge with us! The picture was taken in 1997 at the golf course in Breaks, VA., which is the location of the orginial family cemetery. It is at this spot that Abraham Potter is believed to be buried. The tombstone is almost totally engulfed by this large cedar tree.

On 30 June 2001 descendants of Abraham Potter gathered to dedicate his new grave marker. Photos of the dedication services are online if you are interested in viewing them.

1800 Ashe County N.C. Census has an Abraham Potter listed with following stats:

2 males 0-9 2 females 0-9
0 males 10-16 0 females 10-16
0 males 16-26 0 females 16-26
1 male 26-45 1 female 26-45
0 males 45+ 0 females 45+

Abraham was not listed in 1820 Ashe county N.C. Census

Abraham served in the Revolutionary War and received a pension for his service.

Abraham Potter had the following children:

child Elizabeth "Betty" Potter

child Rachel

child Richard

child Benjamin

child Levi

child John Potter was born in 1799.

child Isaac

child Abraham Jr.

child Jane "Jinny"

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