Andrew Potter was born on 4 Jun 1828. He died on 20 Oct 1904. Was not able to cry. Family stories say when son Richard "Dick" died he walked perimeter of yard for 2 days and nights without stopping to ease his grief.

Andrew Potter lived in the Potter Flats. His log cabin was located on the same spot where his son James would later build a home. James orginally lived in a log cabin he had built a short distance from his father. James' oldest son Adam married and moved into the cabin with James' family. Once Adams' wife began to have children James started building a milled lumber home on the spot where Andrew's cabin had stood. The lumber mill was in the Flats and was owned by the Potter Clan. This same saw mill was still being used in the 1950's. Andrews' great grandson Bart Belcher would operate the mill when they needed lumber.

Andrew Potter enlisted in the Confederate Army on 10 March 1863 at Mullins Mill, Wise County, VA. He served with his brothers. Andrew was in Co K 10th KY Calvary. Enlisted 3/10/63 Mullins Mill, VA. Deserted 4/64, later served in Ratliff's Co., Counts Btn. VA Calvary. Listed as a resident of Pike County in 1890 Veterans census. He never took the oath of allegiance. He often sang this song:

I am a unreconstructed rebel that's just what I am,
For this fair land of freedom I just don't give a damn,
I fought so hard against her with a sword and a gun,
I'll ask no man for a pardon for anything that I've done.

Andrew Potter was married to Elizabeth "Betty" Bolling (daughter of Ezekial Bolling and Sharon Nancy Carr) on 25 Jul 1858 in Pike County, KY. Elizabeth "Betty" Bolling was born on 15 Jan 1836. She died on 17 Sep 1912. Andrew Potter and Elizabeth "Betty" Bolling had the following children:

child Roland T. "Role"

child Richard "Dick"

child Ezekiel "Zeke" Potter was born on 22 Dec 1863. He died on 28 Feb 1888.

child James

child Martha Jane

child Solomon "Sol"

child Shadrach "Shade"

child Levi

child Hannah

child George Washington

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