Our family genealogy research located here. Family stories, poems and more! Information on the Potter Flats school. Featuring excellent home cooked food. Civil War rosters, family pictures, court records and more! View information on proposed development and sign our petition! Wondering what awards the Potter Flats site has won?

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The latest additions to the Potter Flats Homepage are a tribute to George W. Stewart, Jr..

The Genealogy section contains information on different families lines that have ties to the Potter Flats. Stories and poems are located in the Mountain Memories section. The Potter Flats school section contains photographs of some of the children that attended there. I will be adding Rusty Fork's menu and some photos to their page. The Potter Flats Homepage has received several awards and they are posted in the Awards section.

We are still seeking information on Jesse James and eastern Kentucky. The History Section contains The True Face Of Sue Mundy. Learn the truth about Jesse and Frank James, William Quantrill and your family's involvement in the guerrilla activities in Kentucky. It also contains Abraham's Revolutionary War pension records as well as photos,deeds, marriage records and Rosters for both the 5th and 10th KY, CSA. There is also a page on the Unknown Confederate Soldier and a page about Lazarus Hunt and his plantation. This is a site dedicated to our families and your input is very important to us. If you have any information or stories to share please email us. To navigate click on the area you wish to explore.

As long as you're here might want to check the Potter Flats Forum to see what news has been posted.

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