This site is a joint effort by two sisters and a brother. It is a celebration of love and appreciation for and about the Potter Flats region of Pike County. For those unfamilar with the area Pike County is located in the Eastern Kentucky highlands. My sister and I were fortunate enough to spend our formative years from birth to young adulthood there. Our brother and mother remain there keeping the fires of our youth alive. Our jouneys home were for awhile 3 or 4 times a year; it's strange how age affects you, the mountains call and gently pull you back to your roots. Back to its bosom. It is there you find comfort, peace and a longing to remain if only for one day longer.

During our childhood we were taught a deep appreciation of our heritage. While this understanding of who we were was brought about by many who entered and remained a constant in our lives; these include not only our parents, great grandparents, uncles, cousins, neighbors but the single most important person was our grandmother. She continues to be a part of our lives, her words remain in our conscience, gently guiding us with her wisdom. She is always just out of sight but present. She speaks words of encouragement and covers you in love during sorrow. She remains alive within us.

In our genealogy pages, if you chose to go there, you will find they are all connected to the Potter Flats in one way or another. Those families represented in these pages were by and large a simple people. Material possessions were not in abundance, money was scarce and hard to come by but, they were rich in the things that mattered -- a man's word was his honor, devotion to family and never put anyone above that which is blood of your blood and flesh of your flesh.

The Potter Flats was a farming community and the inhabitants had a deep and abiding love for the earth and for their kinsmen. As you browse these pages, read the stories, poems and look at the pictures contained here it is our hope that you find not only your heritage but come to a deeper understanding of this area and know we are all cousins! The fabric of our family is like the weave of fine linen -- closely knit and strong.

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