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SURNAME GIVEN NAME RANK ENLISTMENT DATE WILLIAMS, JOHN S.: Colonel Enl: 11/16/61 MAY, ANDREW J: Colonel Enl: 5/26/62 HAWKINS, HIRAM: Colonel Enl: 11/14/62 CONNOR, GEORGE W.: Lieut. Colonel Enl: 11/14/62 CONNOR, GEORGE W.: Major Enl: 4/18/62 MYNHIER, WILLIAM: Major Enl: 12/62 COOK, THOMAS B.: Adjutant Enl: 4/18/63 DANIEL, R. T.: Adjutant Enl: 10/11/61 SWIMM, ASA M.: Acting Adjt. Enl: 5/26/62 WELLS, WILLIAM: Capt. A.Q.M. Enl: 11/14/62 ROGERS, WILLIAM S.: Capt. A.Q.M. Enl: 1/28/62 JOHNSON, THOMAS: Capt. A.Q.M. Enl: COX, W. W.: Acting A.Q.M. Enl: 1/8/62 BURNS, JAMES H.: Capt. A.C.S. Enl: 10/22/61 RUTHERFORD, HUDSON: Surgeon Enl: 10/22/61 MANN, CHARLES: Surgeon Enl: 11/28/62 DUKE, BASIL: Asst. Surgeon Enl: 10/21/61 THOMPSON, N. J. Asst. Surgeon Enl: 8/9/62 ALEXANDER, R. E.: Asst. Surgeon Enl: WOODFORD, J. M.: Asst. Surgeon Enl:

Non-Commisioned Officers

PAGE, THOMAS S.: Sergt. Major Enl: 11/19/61 HAWKINS WILLIAM W.: Sergt. Major Enl: 9/27/62 QUILLEN, ABNER H.: Sergt. Major Enl: ?/?/63 CROOKS, SAMUEL: Ordn. Sergeant Enl: 10/10/61 LAMKIN, JOHN B.: Ordn. Sergeant Enl: 7/4/63 POOR, JOHN E.: Q. M. Sergeant Enl: 7/12/63 HAWKINS, JOHN T: Com. Sergeant Enl: 10/1/63 WEAVER, R. D.: Hosp. Steward Enl: 10/3/62 WILLIAMS, THOMAS J.: Chief Musician Enl: 10/19/61

Company A 5th Regiment Infantry, CSA

On 14th November 1862 Colonel Hawkins was ordered to reorganize and consolidate his command. Company A became Company B. This is the "orginial" Company A. MAY, ANDREW J.: Captain Enl: 10/21/61 MYNHIER, WILLIAM: 1st Lieut. Enl: 10/21/61 WILLIAMS, MASON H. P.: 1st Lieut. Enl: 10/21/61 PIERCE, William S.: 2nd Lieut. Enl: 10/25/61 COX, WESTERN W.: 2nd Lieut. Enl: 10/27/61 TAULBEE, WILLIAM H.: 2nd Lieut. Enl: 10/25/61 LYKINS, DANIEL J.: 2nd Lieut. Enl: 10/21/61 NICKEL, HOLLY P.: 2nd Lieut. Enl: 12/16/61 WILLIAMS, DIAL S.: 1st Sergeant Enl: 10/21/61 ELAM, JOS. C.: 1st Sergeant Enl: 10/21/61 SEBASTIN, WILLIAM S.: 2nd Sergeant Enl: 10/25/61 CARTER, ASA: 3rd Sergeant Enl: 10/21/61 DANAWAY, JAMES: 3rd Sergeant Enl: 10/21/61 LYKINS, ELI S.: 4th Sergeant Enl: 10/21/61 PARKER, ANDREW J.: 5th Sergeant Enl: 10/21/61 STACY, SAMUEL: 1st Corporal Enl: 10/21/61 ROBERTSON, HENRY J.: 2nd Corporal Enl: 10/25/61 NICKEL, HOLLY P.: 2nd Corporal Enl: 12/16/61 PATTERSON, JAMES T: 3rd Corporal Enl: 10/21/61 BROOKS, THOMAS B.: 3rd Corporal Enl: 10/21/61 ELAM, URIAH: 4th Corporal Enl: 10/21/61 RICHARDSON, SAMPSON M.: 4th Corporal Enl: 12/11/61 WILLIAMS, JAMES H.: Musician Enl: 10/21/61 LYKINS, WILLIAMSON: Musician Enl: 10/21/61 JONES, THOMAS N.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 ADAMS, WILLIAM H.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 ADAMS, LOUIS C.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 ADAMS, CHARLES T.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 AMBERN, JESSE F.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 ALFREY, ALFRED H.: Private Enl: 8/24/62 ALFREY, BRUCE: Private Enl: 8/24/62 BARKER, GEORGE W.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 BARKER, HENRY M.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 BARKER, JNO. C.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 BARKER, HENRY: Private Enl: 10/21/61 BYRON, ROBERT T.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 BURTON, ISAAC Private Enl: 10/21/61 BURTON, ANDREW: Private Enl: 10/25/61 BACK, JOHN W.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 BROOKS, THOMAS B.: Private Enl: 10/25/61 BROOKS, SAMUEL W.: Private Enl: 10/25/61 BENTON, JAS.: Private Enl: 10/25/61 BYRD, CHAS. L.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 BYRD, ANDREW C.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 BYRD, SAMUEL C.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 BYRD, MICH. T.: Private Enl: 12/11/61 BARKER, WILLIAM: Private Enl: 10/21/61 COOK, ELI: Private Enl: 10/21/61 CARPENTER, LEVI B.: Private Enl; 10/21/61 CARPENTER, WILLIS G.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 CARPENTER, LAYFETTE: Private Enl; 12/11/61 COTTLE, ISAAC N.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 COTTLE, URIAH: Private Enl: 10/21/61 CARTER, FRANCIS M.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 CARTER, FRANCIS M.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 CARTER, JAS. A.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 CARTER, JOEL W. J.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 CARTER, ELIJAH H.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 COX, HENRY C.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 COX, JAMES: Private Enl: 8/24/62 COLVIN, HENRY: Private Enl: 10/25/61 DUNAWAY, JAS.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 DYER, WILLIAM: Private Enl: 10/21/61 DAY, JNO. W.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 DUNN, JAMES: Private Enl: 10/21/61 DUNN, GEORGE: Private Enl: 10/25/61 DEVOARD, SIMPSON: Private Enl: 10/25/61 DEVOARD, JAMES: Private Enl: 10/27/61 DEVOARD, STEPHEN: Private Enl: 1/2/62 ESTEP, HENRY P.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 ELAM, WM. W.: Private Enl: 12/11/61 EASTERLING, HENRY: Private Enl: 9/19/61 EVANS, DAVID: Private Enl: 8/24/61 ELAM, URIAH: Private Enl: 10/21/61 FOSTER, ROBT. S.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 FRISLEY, CORNELIUS: Private Enl: 10/21/61 FRANKLIN, JNO.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 FUGETT, GRANVILLE: Private Enl: 10/25/61 GEVEDON, WM. L.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 GEVEDON, WILLIS G.: Private Enl: 10/25/61 GEVEDON, JOSEPH: Private Enl: 10/21/61 GIBBS, JNO. H.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 GOAD, RANSOM W.: Private Enl: 9/1/62 GOODEPASTER, FOUNTAIN: Private Enl: 12/1/61 HALE, WM.: Private Enl: 10/25/61 HAMMON, WILEY Private Enl: 10/25/61 HILL, WM. F.: Private Enl: 10/25/61 HANEY, GIBBONS: Private Enl: 10/21/61 HOWARD, STEPHEN B.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 HENRY, WATTS S.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 HENRY, EDWIN V.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 HENRY, PATRICK: Private Enl: 10/19/61 HALE, JOHN: Private Enl: 12/10/61 HANIY, MADISEN D.: Private Enl: 12/13/61 HALE, HENRY: Private Enl: 9/9/61 HOWARD, JOHN: Private Enl: 7/20/62 HOWERTON, MATHEW J.: Private Enl: 8/24/62 HENRY, LOUIS: Private Enl: 12/15/61 IGO, IRA: Private Enl: 10/21/61 JONES, FRANCIS M.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 JONES, BENJAMIN G.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 JONES, D. K.: Private Enl: 8/24/62 KENDALL, WM. T.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 KENDALL, JNO. W.: Private Enl: 3/16/62 LEWIS, THOS.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 LYONS, NOAH: Private Enl: 10/21/61 LYKINS, WM.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 LYKINS, DANIEL J.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 LYKINS, JAS. T.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 LYKINS, JOSHUA W.: Private Enl: 1/2/62 LYKINS, JOS. C.: Private Enl: 8/25/62 LYKINS, ISAAC: Private Enl: 10/26/62 MCCLANAHAN, BENJ. S.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 MCQUIRE, JAS. M.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 MONTGOMERY, LEVI: Private Enl: 10/21/61 MAY, SAMUEL J.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 MARTIN, GEO. W.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 MURPHY, EDWARD: Private Enl: 10/21/61 MCCLURE, MATHEW: Private Enl: 10/21/61 MAY, WM. T.: Private Enl: 8/24/62 MCCLURE, WM.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 NICKELL, NAPOLEON B.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 NICKELL, ALEX. W.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 NICKELL, HOLLY P.: Private Enl; 12/16/61 OAKLEY, WM. G: Private Enl: 10/21/61 ONEY, JAMES: Private Enl: 10/21/61 ONEY, RICHARD: Private Enl: 10/21/61 PLUM, MICHAEL: Private Enl: 10/21/61 PIERATT, SILAS: Private Enl: 10/21/61 PIERATT, JOHN: Private Enl: 10/21/61 PUCKETT, JAS. B.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 PELFRY, JAS.: Private Enl: 10/25/61 PEYTON, DANIEL: Private Enl: 1/1/62 PIERCE, WM. P.: Private Enl: 8/24/62 QUICKSELL, JONATHAN E.: Private Enl: 12/11/61 RUDD, ELIJAH: Private Enl: 10/21/61 RICHARDSON, SAMPSON M.: Private Enl: 12/11/61 ROBERTSON, HENRY J.: Private Enl: 10/25/61 RAMEY, ALFRED: Private Enl: 8/24/62 RAMEY, ALVIN: Private Enl: 8/24/62 RAMEY, PAGE: Private Enl: 8/24/62 SEXTON, PRESLEY: Private Enl: 10/21/61 SEBASTIAN, WM. S.: Private Enl: 10/25/61 SEBASTIAN, JACOB: Private Enl: 12/25/61 SWEARINGEN, LOUIS: Private Enl: 10/26/61 STACY, JAS. C.: Private Enl: 12/23/61 STACY, J. CAMPBELL: Private Enl: 2/1/62 SPARKS, WM.: Private Enl: 12/24/61 STRICKLIN, JNO.: Private Enl: 1/4/62 SALYER, ISAIAH: Private Enl: 4/6/62 STACY, HENDERSON: Private Enl: 8/28/62 TAULBEE, WM. H.: Private Enl: 10/25/61 THOMAS, WILLIAM: Private Enl: 10/27/61 TOLIVER, WILLIAM: Private Enl: 10/27/61 TRIMBLE, WM. H.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 UTTERBACK, JAMES M.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 WEBB, WM. W.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 WEBB, ISHAM G.: Private Enl: 10/27/61 WILLIAMS, DIAL S.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 WILLIAMS, EDWARD H.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 WILLIAMS, JAMES H.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 WOMACK, JAMES W.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 WELLS, DANIEL P.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 WALDECK, JAMES M.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 WHEELER, HENRY A.: Private Enl: 10/21/61 WHEELER, HENRY D.: Private Enl: 10/25/61 WYATT, HEZEKIAH: Private Enl: 10/28/61 WYATT, URIAH: Private Enl: 10/25/61 The following is the reorganized Roster for Company A 5th Regiment Infantry, CSA. SOUTH, WM. T. BARRY:Captian Enl: 9/7/62 STRONG, EDWARD C.: 1st Lieutenant Enl: 9/7/62 SOUTH, JERRY W.: 2nd Lieutenant Enl: 9/7/62 JETT, HYRONIMUS: 2nd Lieutenant Enl: 9/7/62 LITTLE, THOMAS J.: 2nd Lieutenant Enl: 9/7/62 ROBERTS, ALEXANDER G: Captain Enl: 9/9/62 MITCHELL, JOHN H.: Captain Enl: 5/4/62 MITCHELL, JOHN H.: Captain Enl: 5/4/62 FRYAR, WILLIAM R.: 1st Lieutenant Enl: 9/16/62 WOODSON, JOHN L.: 2nd Lieutenant Enl: 9/9/62 FRYAR, WILLIAM R.: 2nd Lieutenant Enl: 9/16/62 KAVANAUGH, R. H.: 2nd Lieutenant Enl: 9/10/62 FIELDS, PERRY D.: 2nd Lieutenant Enl: 9/10/62 KENNEDY, E. P.: 1st Sergeant Enl: 9/10/62 DEDMAN, HENRY S.: 1st Sergeant Enl: 9/16/62 LOWE, JOHN W.: 1st Sergeant Enl: 7/22/62 MEANES, OLIVER: 1st Sergeant Enl: 9/10/62 MELFORD, JOHN L.: 1st Sergeant Enl: 9/10/62 DAVIS, R. W.: 2nd Sergeant Enl: 9/10/62 DEDMAN, HENRY T.: 2nd Sergeant Enl: 9/16/62 FILEDS, PERRY D.: 2nd Sergeant Enl: 9/10/62 CLAYTON, JOSEPH M.: 2nd Sergeant Enl: 9/10/62 FIELDS, PERRY D.: 3rd Sergeant Enl: 9/10/62 CLAYTON, JOSEPH M.: 3rd Sergeant Enl: 9/10/62 ROBERTS, PATRICK H.: 3rd Sergeant Enl: 9/10/62 MARSHALL, Henry S.: 3rd Sergeant Enl: 9/10/62 CLAYTON, JOSEPH M.: 4th Sergeant Enl: 9/10/62 ROBERTS, PATRICK H.: 4th Sergeant Enl: 9/10/62 TUPMAN, G. S.: 4th Sergeant Enl: 9/16/62 DAVIS, JOHN S.: 4th Sergeant Enl: 9/10/62 ABERNATHY, L. C.: 5th Sergeant Enl: 9/10/62 KAVANAUGH, R. H.: 5th Sergeant Enl: 9/10/62 TUPMAN, G. S.: 5th Sergeant Enl: 9/16/62 ELLIS, LEANDER: 5th Sergeant Enl: 9/10/62 CLORE, J. WILLIS: 5th Sergeant Enl: 9/10/62 ARNOLD, G. W.: 1st Corporal Enl: 9/16/62 ROBERTS, PATRICK H.: 2nd Corporal Enl: 9/10/62 ELLIS, LEANDER: 2nd Corporal Enl: 9/10/62 SOMMERS, GEORGE L.: 2nd Corporal Enl: 9/16/62 MARSHALL, JOHN J.: 2nd Corporal Enl: 9/10/62 TUPMAN, G. S.: 3rd Corporal Enl: 9/16/62 MEANES, OLIVER: 3rd Corporal Enl: 9/10/62 MARSHALL, JOHN J.: 3rd Corporal Enl: 9/10/62 HASANK, FRANK H.: 3rd Corporal Enl: 9/16/62 ELLIS, LEANDER: 4th Corporal Enl: 9/10/62 SOMMERS, G. L.: 4th Corporal Enl: 9/16/62 MARSHALL, JOHN J.: 4th Corporal Enl: 9/10/62 HASANK, FRANK H.: 4th Corporal Enl: 9/16/62 LIGHTFOOT, G. N.: Musician Enl: 9/10/62 WILLIAMS, THOMAS J.: Musician Enl: 10/19/62 ACKMAN, WILLIAM: Private Enl: 9/10/62 AKERS, W. R.: Private Enl: AMBER, JAMES: Private Enl: 9/16/62 ARMSTRONG, W. A.: Private Enl: 9/16/62 ARRINGTON, LAYFETTE: Private Enl: 9/10/62 BAKER, SAMUEL: Private Enl: 9/10/62 BARKER, JONATHAN: Private Enl: BARNES, C. C.: Private Enl: 9/10/62 BARNES, FAIRFAX L.: Private Enl: 8/1/62 BEAL, DAVID: Private Enl: 9/10/62 DEARS, PETER: Private Enl: 9/16/62 BELL, L.: Private Enl:

Company B

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